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Exclusive to Spotify Podcasts

by spidey
1 minutes read

That is, you can post a lot of podcasts on a single RSS feed
Amazon, Apple podcasts, blah blah blah

But it’s only for free content, if you want to see the “paid” content, only on Spotify
But sincerely, I don’t recommend everyone to listen to it, because for now, the content is Event DLC.

That is, the original soundtrack of the event will be completed and the soundtrack of the relevant event will be included so that everyone can understand the plot of the event in our place and the warm on9 chitchat
Because the OnlyFans film editing involves a lot of blur ingredients, sometimes there are unnecessary inside jokes and you don’t want to put them in, blocking everyone, and more than half of them will be cut.

For Spotify, it will be more “raw”
Of course, the ASMR emitted during fluttering will also be involved.

So, in the same way, if you’re not interested in me, you don’t need to subscribe
Want to visualize? It’s not a SUB on the podcast, but OF

The only person who does so is the one who wants to know everything about us
Or the one on a quiet night, when you are alone in a car or waiting for someone? When life is boring?
Then listen?
Or, there is a chance to rekindle the fire in everyone’s hearts

In addition, free content will be added one after another, and both men and women can listen to it
It’s like Gentlemen Chapter 2 Audio Book, The Shiraz is already available for free.
It’s all an extension of my real event experience


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