A Sparkling Shiraz

Eating pussy - with The Gentleman

by Gentleman
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For this session, Panda suggested a wine that is just casual.

Casual can be boring, however.

The art is in turning the casual to something sensual.

I’m walking around in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, thinking about somewhere to buy some wine for tonight’s event. I find a nondescript supermarket in the middle of Wan Chai that purveys only Australian goods, like the usual meats and reds that the country is known for. As a lark, I decide to walk in.

I ask for something interesting to the staff, but as usual, they don’t respond with anything that I think is interesting. Just something that is on sale.

I’m after something you don’t normally see, and you think quite normal and boring, but it’s not.

Just like what I hope for tonight.

Suddenly – I find it. Nestled between the bosoms of the shiraz and the pinot noir.

Sparking shiraz. Interesting, I think, I’ve never heard of the two together.

I imagine what it would be like – the depth of a shiraz, but the bubbles of a champagne? Of a cremant? Probably not as fine, but would it be good enough, or disappointing like American bastard wines?

A good wine, like a good bouquet, helps a woman’s desire open up. It unhinges the shackles of propriety , frees the carnal, and accentuates the sexual energy.

Get it right, and the night becomes right.


I walk into the hotel, the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. The old one, not the new one. The old ways are sometimes the best.

I walk up the marble stone steps, next to the Captain’s Bar, and head straight to the elevators next to the small boutique. I always find that small boutique quite charming, purveying old tactile goods like newspapers and magazines, things that you can touch, feel, and smell.

I go up. There are 2 other guys already. It is going to be a rather small affair, I think to myself.

We have a bit of small talk, me opening up the wine and having a drink. I like to savour my wines, so this gives me a chance to taste it first before serving to others.

It is yum again. The bright bubbles of a champagne, with the pinky color and deep tones of a shiraz.

Perhaps a richer blanc de noir would be a worthy comparison.

A knock on the door.

In comes Jas.

A short girl, with a thick body and pointed face, very well put together. Her equally thick full breasts nestled inside her busty bra, the tension ready to be released in a few moments’ time. In contrast, her black short skirt that shows her bare legs, drawing the eye upwards from calf to crotch, leaving something, something naughty and salacious, to the imagination.

She appears as if she came from a lunch date with family, or something formal. Not overly formal as in business, but well put together casually.

I like a girl that’s well put together on the outside. It makes the anticipation of what’s underneath that immaculate outside more fun. To want to break that shell. A challenge to unlock and enjoy each others’ sexual energy.

She sits down. I pour her some wine.

Jas is immediately anti-establishment.  She talks about life, and mainly education. About how education standards are degrading, how they don’t train the young people to think, that they are all sheep.

Oof. So direct.

I’m not usually that up front, preferring first to see how people act, how people think. Observe the surroundings first.

Read the room, as they say. You know, never talk about sex, politics and religion, in polite conversation. Especially when in a room with strangers.

I go along though. “Tell me more,” I say.

And you know what – her spark starts to turn me on. Her directness. Her lack of propriety. Of social norms.

You can tell a lot about how someone fucks by how they speak. How they think. How they act.

My attention, in return, turns her on.

She now looks into my eyes as we speak, intimate with my very words, my thoughts, my intentions.

I am almost embarrassed by how much attention she gives me. Her eagerness. Her attention. Her desire.

No, not desire. Need. To fuck.


I undress Jas, slowly, Miss Dior enveloping me as I unbutton her blouse, button by button. The release of the tension, the tug of the button as it escapes from its hole, the fabric springing and vibrating back to its original shape.

Underneath that prim outfit is indeed that voluminous body, decorated with a black, lacy one piece lingerie.

Then it is the black mini skirt’s turn.

One button. One zip. The lingerie lines continue down, teasing the eyes as they lead me down to her crotch, now open and free are her thick, juicy, pussy lips. Juicy indeed, like an oyster waiting to be devoured, with my tongue wanting to probe to find the pearl.

I dig in.

My tongue tenderly touches the bottom of her vagina, where the vagina and the perineum meet, cleanly shaven for tonight’s festivities. I lap up, from there to the clit, ensuring that I don’t penetrate, but that the flat, large, wide base of my tongue separates her labia lips, like parting a sea of sex.

I repeat again, like a good boy, savouring her sweet vagina and the slightly sweet sex starting to secrete. I pleasure her again with my tongue, upwards, parting those thick labia lips, ending with a bit of a flick of the tongue on the clit now.

She shudders.

I now repeat the same motion but penetrate her vagina with the tip of my tongue, going straight into her tasty pinky vaginal walls, the flat, wide, base of my tongue still moving upwards, parting the labia lips fully now as I go.

Slowly though. Of course slowly. Tantalisingly slowly, as if to explore her every part and every taste.

A cooch tasting.

Her clit reveals itself from its hood, emboldened with desire, wanting a bit of the action.

I comply, now moving upwards after my last lap, pursing my lips as I tease the clit with little sounds of suction.

She loves it.

She drives her mound toward my mouth, her direct moans making sure I know the extant of her pleasure. Meanwhile, the other guys keep her busy, one flanking her with his cock in her hand, the other with his manhood in her mouth.

Jas likes to be a busy girl.

She toys with one boy’s cock with her one hand, pleasuring his tool, her manicured nails adding some decorative color to the flesh. Wrapping her fingertips around the tip of his cock, then enveloping her hand quickly around his crown, aided by the gliding lube, she slides down his shaft, fully, wholly, and to the base of his balls.

Each thrust of her hand turning his cock darker in color, the lube glistening off his cock and revealing its beautiful curve, quivering as it anticipates the next pleasure.

Her mouth and tongue equally busy, her eyes and long lashes closed, sucking off another man’s dick, all 8 inches of him, deep throating him to his base.

The other man’s cock pushing the inside of her cheeks, her tongue wrapping around his tool, the tightness of her mouth rivaling any tight warm pussy.

She slurps with delight, knowing that each motion and sound not only pleasures him physically, but heightens his sensation, hearing his manhood being satisfied and pleasured.

And I? I have the pleasure of eating pussy, which I wanted to do much today, searching for that pearl.

I’m still sucking her clit, but penetrate her with two curved fingers, hitting the fleshy, lumpy spot at the front of her vagina.

My fingers are moist going in, I hearing the slishing and sloshing of them exploring her hole.

Her G spot seems to engorge, the vaginal wall more prominent, more sensitive, more open to my fingering charms.

I know I’ve got it right. Oh I know.

Jas starts to climax, grabbing my arm with her one free hand as she struggles to get words out.

“Fuck,” she moans, the precise word not coming quite out with a full cock in her mouth.

I hear her throat gag as the other man continues to thrust his cock inside her mouth, keen to get everything in. And like a good girl, she takes it all in.

I love the half moan, half gag. Jas is fighting against her own survival instinct for her to let her primal urge out, to let me know what feels good.

The more pleasure I give her, the more she wants to reciprocate the pleasure to others, as if she was giving into her own pleasure, and now channeling her feminine energy to give and nurture pleasure in others, as much and increasing as her pleasure increases.

My throb quivers. I am turned on even more.

At this point, I am starting to get slightly jealous. My poor cock is not getting satisfied. I am giving pleasure, but alas, I am not a recipient.

I look up at Jas. She is continuing to pleasure the other men, one hand stroking, her mouth doing. The others are having a great time, from the sounds of it.

She looks at me, devilishly directly in my eyes.

“Do you want me?” she looks at me sluttily as if to say “do you want your cock to get some too?”

Now’s my turn.

I flip her over, pushing out the other guys. My cock will get satisfied now, damnit. 69 style.

I insert my cock in her well worked mouth, pushing myself into it like a well-lubed pussy, making sure she takes in everything. For all the cock pleasuring the other guys get, but none for me.

With vigor and anger I keep searching for that precious pearl, sometimes sucking, sometimes fingering. I am a man on a mission there, slurping with delight, my spit mixing with her pussy juices, a dangerous cocktail of sex.

Those thick labia lips are so good, little pockets of lust for me to suck on, to keep me busy.

I leave no stone unturned. No crevasse unpleasured.

Equally, I love filling her mouth with my cock and have her reward me. Her tongue is so good and warm.

It feels so good. It belongs there.


We’re sitting on the couch. Taking a break from the play before.

Sipping the sparkling shiraz, the bubbles still a joyous mouthful, tickling the tongue and the throat as it goes down.

We continue our conversation, which has now been moved to living in Hong Kong. How she enjoys the quality of life, how the food is great, the wines are good.

I nod patiently, not to elevate the conversation, but to continue making it move along.

I have an agenda now. My pleasure.

She notices. Perhaps it’s my nodding. Perhaps by my not so subtle leaning into her, my arm leaning against her back towards my manhood.

Jas’ thick lips come over and starts playing with my flaccid cock, getting me hard.

My soldier doesn’t take long to spring into action, livening up quickly as I feel it increasing in length and girth right in Jas’ mouth.

I feel strong, confident, as Jas has to make more room in her for me, challenging her to take me all in, all the way to my base.

Her mass of long, jet black hair in front of me, bobbing up and down. Her gaggle pulsates the air, once populated with the noise of active conversation, now only the noise of active hedonism.

I tie her hair back with my right hand, freeing her to do her best work, and I to observe her beautiful face and mouth solely devoted to my pleasure.

I watch her pleasure me eagerly, mixing tongue and teeth, slurping and sucking, driving and dipping.

“Good girl,” I coo, “good girl. Do it to daddy.”

I ask – “do you swallow?” Politely of course.

It wasn’t a no. In fact she doesn’t give a response, continuing to suck like the devil, like the slut that she is.

I take the lead. Now’s my turn to own my pleasure, to feel good.

I shoot my shot. I’m naughty. Too bad.

Her eyes look at me as I come, half surprised half impressed that I impose my will, my right to my pleasure. Her thick luscious lips reward my throbbing cock, squeezing every drop, my ejaculate warming her entire mouth, her capturing my manhood inside and not letting go.

Wave after wave of warmth explode inside her, hitting her tongue, the roof, the tonsils. I let it all go.

I feel my balls squeezing towards my body, as if coordinating with each and every suck from Jas, as she delightfully honours each drop.

Her eyes continues to look into mine as she keeps me inside her mouth, speaking to me as if to say “Am I good girl?,” I still feeling the suction as she opens her throat to swallow it all in.

Seeing that I liked that feeling, she continues to have my cock inside, sucking all my cum, her cheeks now taut to take it all in, whilst looking deeply from her slutty eyes into mine.

It was the best blowjob I’ve had in a while. She is a darling.

Her special treat for me.

The Gentleman

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