1. Why we need your identity documents ?

Ans: For Gentlemen, ladies and couple who want to join HKSP have to provide personal identity and picture, this is for protecting our existing member and you.

2. Will we charge you before the party?

Ans: No, all the fee we will only charge on the date of the party.

3. Is it really necessary to be taken some picture in the party?

Ans: No, we will consult you in the interview, picture will be taken only under your approval.

4. Does HKSP recruit hot guys and ladies only ?

Ans: No, we are open minded, what we want is to gather people who share similar attitude.

5. Is it possible to know the detail of the party like location, duration, age of member and so on?

Ans: Let’s keep s secret, to a large extend it is the privacy of our member, we will only give out the detail to those who pass the interview.

6. What I need to prepare for he interview?

Ans: Just ready your mind to widen the scope of horizons. The aim of interview is mainly for us to know each other more deeply.

7. How can I get the information like how to join and the plans?

Ans: Please don’t hesitate to email us or you may contact us by wechat.


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