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[The Big Bang #1] – In the Realms of the Senses

Explore the Realms of Erotic Music with DJ

by djdj
10 Minutes read
Hugo and I sat comfortably on one side of the hotel bedroom, admiring the erotic scene where Meow Meow was being fucked deep and hard by Hammer and Lek on the queen-sized bed.  In the background, a catchy synthetic techno tune was playing.  We were testing out a song composed by Hugo that is specifically catered to our group sex environment.
As the bass drum kicks repeatedly at circa 150 BPM, the action gets more heated.  What were initial light probes from the guys turned into deep hard penetrations.  And the moans from Meow Meow turned into screams of pleasure.  “More! I want more!” exclaimed Meow Meow as she was being fucked doggie style.  At that moment, Hugo and I noticed something incredible happening.  Slowly but surely, we noticed the pace that the trio were fucking gradually matched the pace of the kick drum from the music! We hypothesized that this would happen, but when it really did, we still couldn’t believe our eyes.  What’s even more incredible was that the trio on bed were completely unaware that their bodies gradually tuned to the rhythm of the song.
This is the power of Music.  It makes us forget about our problems in life and focus on the “Now”.  Just like the title of this article, Music draws us into the realms of our senses and stimulates us at many different levels and dimensions.  That’s why I named my blog the “XXX Music Multiverse”, because the 7 notes and 5 sharps in music holds infinite wonders, just like the many parallel universes hold infinite number of possibilities that could occur.
And here’s a fun fact: The title of this article is also the name of a 1976 Japanese erotic art movie with the same name.  This movie was controversial back then because it contains scenes of unsimulated sex between the actors Eiko Matsuda (acting as Sada) and Tatsuya Fuji (acting as Kichizo), and they are not pornstars.  In that movie, the main characters Sada and Kichizo became obsessed with the great sex chemistry they had, so much that they are completely drawn into the realms of their senses and forgot about all their matters and duties in life.  They just want to have sex, sex, and more sex everyday.
In the Realms of the Senses
Do You see the parallel between Music and Sex? Both can be obsessive, both make us forget about our troubles, and both stimulate us in the realms of our own senses.  It only makes sense to look at these two things together, which finally brings us to the main question that this article begins to answer (note the keyword is “begin”).
What kind of music induces horniness, eroticism, and sex? What makes a song erotic?
I began to ponder this question back in Dec 2022, when I volunteered to DJ for HKSP’s annual Christmas party.  At that time, I have DJed in weddings, corporate events, and festivals, but I have never DJed for a sex party.  I had no idea what genres should I play, so I went on the Internet to do some research, to see what types of music are played in BDSM or sex clubs in Europe and North America.  After weeks of research, I came up with a songlist for the HKSP event, and when I used it in the event, people were very satisfied with the outcome.  So I’m going to share with you what I discovered.
The number one most important thing about what makes a song erotic is: Mood setting.  When we have sex, usually there are four main stages: Warmup, Foreplay, Intercourse, and AfterCare.  The mood and energies of each stage are different, and because of that, the songs that are suitable for each stage should match and enhance the mood and energy in that moment.  Like if you are having heated penetration sex, you wouldn’t play a lullaby in the background.  It simply doesn’t make sense.
Now I’m going to bring in an additional dimension to this piece of the puzzle we have to solve.  A song consists of three major components: Melody, lyrics, and music arrangement.  So the mood setting can be done by either or all of the three, as we combine lyrics, sounds, and melody to create the atmosphere suitable for sex.  But one thing I found out is: With different stages of sex, different components matter more.
During warmup, the guy and the girl are still getting to know each other better, so there’ll be lots of chit-chatting, eye contact, but less on kissing and escalated intimacies.  At this stage, lyrics are important.  Why? Because lyrics get in our subconscious mind, even if we are not paying attention to the song.  Just like what I described earlier about the guys and girls on bed eventually tuning to the BPM of the background music, our subconscious minds are very powerful and catch a lot more things in our surroundings than we expect.  So if the song’s lyrics have sexual implications, those words would actually be “heard” by our subconscious minds, and sooner or later, we would feel more horny and aroused, and we won’t even be aware why that happened.
For the warmup stage, I would recommend pop songs with sexually-implied lyrics.  If the implication is indirect, it’s even better.  This is because pop songs are well-known, so it would still set the mood to be ambient, light, casual, and safe.  People would still be comfortable to chat and interact, while latently building up the sexual tension.  Examples of these songs include:
1. Pitbull – Hotel Room Service
Ariana Grande


2. Ariana Grande – Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored

Disclaimer: For sex parties only, don’t play this when you get intimate with your actual girlfriend please.


Taylor Swift
3. Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams
Julia Michaels Heaven
4. Julia Michaels – Heaven
The Weeknd Earned It
5. The Weeknd – Earned It
After warming up, and pairs recognize they are attracted to each other, this is when foreplay happens.  In foreplay, we get into the physical actions like kissing, licking, touching, and even oral sex.  So to match the mood, the music itself should be more direct, both the music sound effects used and lyrics should be that way.
The best way to know whether your music matches the mood is to keep doing what you’re doing in that stage (e.g. foreplay), and see if the music helps enhance your current horniness or it stops you in your tracks, throws off your mood, and you thought, “Wait a minute, WTF is this strange and shitty song?”.  As a DJ, you would never want the latter to happen since, based on my experience, once you lose the crowd, be it on the dance floor or in the bedroom of a sex party, it’s very hard to win their attention back.  So for the foreplay stage, I noticed people like slower, deeper, more mysterious, cult-like styles of music.  In European BDSM and sex clubs, they like to play Dark Techno or CyberPunk, and I agree it suits the environment very well.  With HK, less so.  Still, playing these genres once in a while is fine.
In terms of the lyrics, the sexual implication can be more direct now.  English songs do these really well.  If the mood is to fuck her pussy, then the lyrics will say “fuck that pussy” or something similar on that line directly.  No metaphors, no symbolism or that kind of shit.  That’s what I mean by “Direct”.  Examples of songs that can be used in foreplay include:
1. JB – 西遊記
Britney Spears
3. Britney Spears – I’m a Slave 4 U
Ramsey Daddy
4. Ramsey – Daddy
Call Me Sleeper
5. Call Me Sleeper – Sinful
Oftentimes the songs for warmup and foreplay can be used interchangeably.  That’s because there’s no fine line on defining what is warmup and what is foreplay, and the intensity of warmup / foreplay varies from person to person or from group to group.
After enough foreplay, usually we would switch to the main intercourse action.  During sex, you two will be so “in-the-moment” with passion and involved in the action, that you would not notice anything else other than your partner.  That’s why in this stage, lyrics are not as important, and the main drivers that set the mood are a song’s pace, the sound effects and synths used, and especially the beat of the kick drum (the most important).  We need music with heavier beats and uplifting / hyped effects, so one genre that I heavily recommend is EDM (Electronic Dance Music).  Examples of songs that can be used include:
1. David Guetta vs. Benni Benassi – Satisfaction (Hardwell & Maddix Remix)
Lick It
2. Valentino Khan – Lick it
Hey Baby
3. Melleefresh vs deadmau5 – Hey Baby
4. Sierra – Unbroken
5. Hugo Fu – Through the Grass into the Jungle
Extra: Jay Chou – 將軍
Yes, I put that extra Jay Chou’s 「將軍」in the list because that is a very good example of my personal experience where I fucked my SL and matched the rhythm of the penetration to the beat of that song.  I was singing with my SL in Neway CEO, a Hong Kong KTV lounge.  CEO rooms are well-known for having their own separate washrooms within each karaoke room.  My SL and I were feeling and touching each other to a point that we want to have sex right away.  We were tempted to make love right in the middle of the room, but it seems too blatant that Neway staff could barge in anytime.  So we randomly selected 20+ songs to load in the playlist (to pretend we are still listening to MVs), went into the washroom, and had hot steamy action.  To make a long story short, that’s the first time when I unlocked her ability to squirt, and I must say she tastes great.  As I stood her up against the wall, spun her around, and fucked her doggie style while standing, I heard Jay Chou’s 「將軍」being played.  When the song reached its chorus, the beat is so catchy that I found much ecstasy in fucking my SL while matching to the beat.  And I noticed she enjoyed it a lot too.  So this is another example that shows the lyrics for songs in this Intercourse stage do not matter that much, because you’ll be so focused on your partner and the physical action that you won’t pay attention to the lyrics anyways.
And of course, after the main dish, you need the dessert.  Ladies found it especially comforting if you provide great aftercare to them.  That means snuggling with them in bed and have deep talk with them on relaxing topics.  It’s like after a strenuous exercise session, it’s time to take a break and wind down.  That’s why the music in this stage should be something relaxing.  The Melody of a song becomes more important, especially a soothing melody, as it helps a long way in getting us back to the relaxed mood from the intense sex that just occurred.  Examples of songs that can be played in this stage include:
1. RINI – Aphrodite
2. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)
Cheat Codes
3. Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam – SEX
4. Coldplay – The Scientist
One Love
5. Bob Marley – One Love
So there you go, some songs that I would include in my playlist if I were to DJ a HKSP event.  Note that these are solely my recommendations and what I observed based on my experience on what works.  It is not gospel, so you don’t need to follow everything to the letter.  In fact, any song can be an erotic, especially if you and your partner have dedicated songs that have special meanings only to you two.  And by listening to that song, it boosts your passion and lust for each other.  For example, if a couple met in a heavy metal concert, they may have similar likings for heavy metal music.  Then maybe zombie songs or Metallica would be on their erotic playlist.  Nevertheless, what I recommended above refers to the population in general, i.e. what the majority finds erotic.
In the next “Big Bang” monthly article, I will talk about the impact of lyrics in making a song sexy.  Stay tuned!
The DJ
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