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by Gentleman
17 minutes read

The Wine

Panda told me to bring some red wine today.

I wasn’t quite sure want to make of it, as is normal during these surreptitious Telegram conversations. I was also told that there would be a new lady. I put the two and two together that the red wine was going to help put the new lady at ease.

As a Gentleman, I aim to please.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit recently on business. My sleep has been just ok since I arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, the easier airport to head to. I was suffering a bit of insomnia, spending restless nights at the Hyatt in Roppongi, me sometimes going downstairs for a walk in the Hills to get my mind off things. My mind has been racing quite a bit from my companies and the geopolitics. Suffice to say, I was worried I wouldn’t have much time to pick up the bottle of wine either.

Right before the soiree I managed to head to an international supermarket about 10 minutes from Azabu-jiuban to pick up the beverage. As an experienced wine drinker, I do know my stuff and perused the aisles for the right red, something with a bold compelling label, but interesting flavour and profile. 

I went through the normal stuff, I see some Hardy’s, some Penfolds. I personally like a bold red like a Cabernet Sauvignon, but I know ladies like Merlots or Shirazes.

A Cabernet has a bold profile, a thick, syrupy taste, bold in flavours and palette. It’s like a woman with thick breasts and hips in a red dress, attracting all the men’s eyes with her boldness, and holding on to that attention through the subtle curves of the fabric and voluptuous feminine shape.

Merlot on the other hand, is a more seductive wine, like a slightly slimmer woman with a dark dress, the fabric not immediately drawing a man’s eye, but leaving something to the imagination with a long slit in the back, tempting a man to explore a woman’s secrets.

And then there’s Rioja, an easy to drink wine, like a casual cute girl, easy to drink and easy on the eyes, something you can savour almost every day and never get bored.

Those are my usuals. But today was not a usual night with the new girl, who I wanted to impress.

I found a Shiraz that had a modern art label that Rothko would be proud of, and called itself a Barossa Ink.

I was intrigued. I know Barossa Valley in Australia, but the way it describes itself was appealing – “an intense and opulent wine” – but a Shiraz.

The label and the description intrigued me. I bought it.

I strolled back to the Hyatt in Roppongi, with a quick pace as I was a bit late. I had some more work to do later tonight.

Luckily I had booked my room in the same hotel as the party. But Panda didn’t know that.

I pinged Panda in advance, saying that I was at the lobby even before I was there. I had to recover a bit of time.

Panda gave me the keys, ushering me to head up myself first. Room 603.

I thought it was quite strange, where she usually comes up with me. But I’m on the clock, and decide to head up myself.

So there were two rooms for tonight’s arrangement, and when I arrived one was full and the other not so. As my normal self I was rather shy, electing to take my shower and clean up first.

I had a seen a few members in the lobby waiting to come up as well, but to avoid any awkward mistakes, I didn’t look directly at them. Better to be surprised later than to say something and break the ice with someone not from the party.

Not very kosher to assume someone is a member of a sex party when they’re just in the hotel waiting for their granny.

After the shower, I opened up the Barossa Shiraz as others showered as well. It was great and a fantastic way to unwind. I still had some work to do so i dutifully finished it on my laptop, grabbing a quiet corner in the quiet massage room.

I started to hear Bean’s soft moans in the other room. She was getting satisfaction from a cock that was filling her, from a large man that had a cock that was rather long and thick. It’s great for her to start the night’s festivities, her groans setting the mood for all, knowing that tonight’s hedonism would satisfy all.

The other room, the massage room, was with Miao Miao receiving some 1 on 1 attention and the new girl Summer getting a 6 hand massage. Or 8. I couldn’t tell she had so much attention.

I put down my laptop, starting slowly and watching a bit first, with Bean being pounded conservatively, Miao Miao getting her massage and a slight pussy rub, and Summer getting a normal massage-turned-fingering with her perky ass lifted in the air. We were told that Miao Miao and Summer would not be having sex tonight, but we all hoped that wouldn’t be true.

Or at least, I hoped it wouldn’t be true.

The cacophony of sex continued, crescendoing with every moan, every cock or finger in a pussy, every cock that the ladies were warmly stroking in their luscious, full mouths.

I couldn’t – no, I didn’t want to resist.

I was horny.


The First Course

I jumped in, first exercising my cock in Bean’s mouth as I fingered her thick, pussy lips, enveloped by her curly pubes. Her voluptuous body writhed with pleasure, her large breasts wriggling, her legs splayed apart to welcome my circling fingers.

As a good girl, she sucked hard, trying as she can to get me hard, knowing that my thick, pulsing well shaved cock was about to pleasure her. She sucked with delight, soft and light, like a light feather tickling my pulsing throb. 

I love it when a girl pulls me in. 

I thrust my cock further into her mouth, testing her limit and how much she could take in. And she took it all in, tenderly.

Time for me to assert myself.

“Turn over,” I strongly suggested, pulling her ass to the edge of bed, her standing up and her elbows resting on the bed. Her pussy and her ass lay in front of me, those thick pussy lips ready for me to thrust in.

I thrusted my throb inside her, doggy style.

She gasped at the suddenness. A moan.

I started slow on her pussy, me doing my rhythmic ins and outs. Her moans matched my rhythm, her pussy warmly wrapping around my cock, like a warm, comfortable mouth, not too tight though. Just enough.

I wanted to hear her moan more. I love it when a girl gives verbal feedback.

I quickened my pace. I heard my balls slap her clit with each stroke, and I made sure that each stroke would do that, reminding her that I was behind her stimulating her in multiple ways.

Boom. Boom. Boom. I thrusted like a man, no an animal, my cock wanting to break her apart, boldened by my balls adding to the percussion.

“Take it,” I commanded, as I felt my cock base at the edge of her ass, my fullness entirely inside Bean.

“Uggh,” – she moaned, a guttural sound.

I withdrew. Bean collapsed onto the bed.

“Never want to cum too soon”, I remind myself, “you have plenty to do tonight”, foreshadowing a long evening.


The Second Course

I graduated over to the next room and Miao Miao. I helped massage her, as a gentleman should. 

Miao Miao’s body, thin with usual perky tits, lied face down, a total contrast to Bean’s full figure, welcoming my warm touch as I stroked her tired shoulders and neck muscles.

Is this good, I asked, as I stroked harder and firmer along the muscle lines, each stroke increasing in depth and intensity.

Mm she responded, as she melted into the rhythm of my strokes, each manoeuvre seemingly both soothing her tired muscles and increasing her basic desires.

Like a good boy I only seek to pleasure.

Not this time. She suddenly flipped over, exposing her now dark perky nipples in its glory, eager to display her appreciation of my hard work, she rewarding me with an eager, hungry look.

“I want to taste your full cock.”

She swallowed my warmth full, her eyes closed eagerly, concerned with one task and one task only. My pleasure.

Her thin lips enveloped my cock, her warm mouth and tongue tickling my shaft. She sucked with fury, with eagerness.

I continued her energy, grabbing her manicured fingers and thrusting them to my ball sack. I wanted her to play with my balls, which she, like a good girl, obeyed.

She did one further. She reached further still, grabbing my ass, pulling my hips and cock deeper into her mouth.

My tip felt the back of her throat, the tickling on my shaft pleasured, her pursed lips applying just enough pressure as if a warm, tight pussy.

I nearly cummed.

I withdrew. “Girl, can I fuck you?”

“No,” she said, “my doctor said I can’t.”

“Hmph,” I said, a bit pretend anger, eager to violate her today.

“I want your cock,” she explained, “I so badly want it. But…”

“Say no more,” I said, “there’s always next time.” 

I so wanted to fuck her, but it’s never too good to be too persistent or needy. There’s always a next time.


The Third Course

There was now the new girl Summer, warmed up, now being fingered and fucked in all directions. The previously shy girl that came into the hotel, with her hair neatly in a bun and bling Donna Karen watch, was now a wild nymph taking in cocks in all directions. Her double E breasts were full but with a slim figure, her cute belly ring and cursive writing on her shoulder tattoo marking her body, her small hands cute whilst taking in the large cocks around her.

I love a good girl gone slutty.

I eagerly joined in the action, thrusting my warmth her way into her mouth, taking the only non-occupied pleasuring space left.

She took my cock in her mouth and swallowed me whole.

I opened up my legs, kneeling on one and opening the other, straddling her face so she would have open access to my cock, balls, and ass. She grabbed my ass, thrusting me inside her warm, sweet mouth.

I moaned.

She was good. Too good. She was naughty, I could see it in her eyes.

I throat fucked her some more, but I had to rest a bit lest I cum right then.

I withdrew, and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, her standing up.

I wanted to hear her moan. She was still stopping herself, self conscious as this was her first time, not wanting to let herself go.

I wanted her. I wanted to mark her. To have her scream, to demand my cock. To desire me.

I thrust my cock inside her. I pumped my manliness inside.

I could see her manicured and coloured toes curl up. I grabbed her hands, pulling her back, her back arching up, my cock pushing deeper and higher into her pussy. I loved that feeling.

She seemed to as well. I could see her back muscles tense, her skin glistening with a slight, sweet sweat.

I tasted her skin. Oh it was sweet. Like a macaron, with just enough sweet and salty. I nibbled her, wanting to leave a private, small mark to claim her.

I withdrew quickly, wanting to carry on with my tasting, wanting to taste her pussy. What would it be tonight?

Her pussy lips were thin, not as thick as Bean’s and not as thin as Miao Miaos, like the Goldilocks’ rule, just right.

I pushed my tongue in, like a mini cock, for that taste.

Slightly sweet, neutral. Wow it was incredibly yummy. I wanted some more.

I tongue fucked her, making sure that the tip of my tongue was hitting her clit first, then thrusting my base into her whole vagina.

It tasted even better inside.

She moaned.

“A clit girl,” I said to myself, “make sure to keep satisfying her there.”

I was going to ravage Summer tonight. She was everything, everything I wanted tonight.

I was consumed with desire. Now, ignited with fire, the fire of my base desire.

I wet my fingers with my mouth, and put my two fingers in her hole. Deep. So deep I could feel her vagina walls, raw from all the fucking tonight, but wet in anticipation for more.

I finger fucked her, changing and flipping my hand over every so often, making sure I hit her clit button along with my thrusts, me wanting to hit her G spot too.

I wanted it all with Summer. To fuck her in every which way. She was mine tonight.

She moaned. Louder now, a throaty type of moan, her inhibitions now forgotten, a primal type of tone, ready for an animal doing whatever he pleased with her.

I wanted more. I wanted her passion, her primal passion, her to lose control of herself.

My engorgement, now full erect, was ready. I directed it into her smooth, sweet pussy, filling her inside.

She moaned again, but now slightly softer. She was consumed with her own passion, without knowing what else was happening around her, engulfed in waves of passion and sex, lost in pleasure.

My cock was inside her again whilst I fingered her clit, my other hand grabbing her E breasts and demanding she take it like a good girl.

I could see her coloured toes curl up again, eager for my cock to hit her G spot in the right angle, her adjusting to suit her pleasure.

She wanted her pleasure. What was hers. And I was giving her that.

I pumped her from behind, quickening my pace now, eager to cum inside her, wanting my pleasure to come from her.

I could feel my balls slapping her clit, clip clap, with a rhythm of a battering ram, keen to penetrate deeper each stroke, each time.

I was coming. My pleasure overwhelming me, my usual restrained self succumbing to the waves of ecstasy that only a moment ago engulfed Summer.

I came, over and over, Summer driving her hips into my cock, eager to squeeze out each and last drop of passion, until I was no more.

“Good god,” I sighed, “you are good.”


We all left around 10:15 PM. It was time well spent. A bit of everything, something new something old. 

I went back to Summer as I got dressed, she just coming out of the shower, formed droplets on her smooth, sweet skin.

I gave her a hug, an American full body style and not European.

“Thank you,” I said. In English. I fuck like an American, and felt it was better to communicate like an American from today’s session.

She looked deeply into my eyes, her small hands holding mine, her late to let go, slowly releasing my fingers one by one.

“I’ll see you next time?” I whispered.

She nodded. Gently, innocently, Summer back to her normal, innocent self.

I was happy. I helped welcome her to the club. As a Gentleman should.

– The Gentleman

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