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About our official website

by spidey
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IntroDUCTion of HKSP

Jarvis post

Welcome everyone, and our website is ready.
Please feel free to visit it.


Moreover, please go through all of the content, video, Q&A, Pre-cautious before you ask any questions, as most of the answers you can found in the website.

Spidey Post

由於tumblr 無置頂post ge關係,d人又好懶咁唔爬文。係咁問問問問問,有見及此,所以就整左個website出黎,方便大家睇晒d Q&A同我地d post。
男又好,女又好,真係肯肯定自己🆗 先好加我地,Thanks
大家睇得呢d content,成年人黎架喇,應該有返D分辯是非能力,唔好呢樣又驚,果到又話呃人,我地真係好L忙的,無咁多多餘時間。

如果咁都分唔到,咁我只能夠話你地同我地有緣無份,就好似bitcoin咁幾百蚊美金升到16000蚊美金,Tencent 幾十蚊升到400幾蚊,都係得個睇字。

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