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by spidey
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As so many foreigners advise us to update our status in English so that they won’t miss out our interesting update.
Hmm…We’ll. Don’t worry

Although we’re an international club, we would still like to take care our HK local brother and sister first.
But for some big event or special update, absolutely we’ll post it in English as well.

For the coming big project, we’ll co-operate with a famous human photographer in China, WANIMAL.
Why he famous? As he dares to take the risk to take the best photos. If you’re Chinese, you’ll know how difficult it was.

And WANIMAL will co-operate with us and take a series about Sex, Party, Gang-bang.
To make a perfect shooting, we would like to find some female volunteer, can be a normal person, can be a model.
We won’t involve any money, but as rewards, we’ll deliver the Album to the joiner for a gift.
Meanwhile, WANIMAL will select some of the best photos for his coming Photography Exhibition.

So if you’re living in Hong Kong and want to join this event and capture your beauty to be one of your amazing memory
Please contact us directly

Best Regards

Remarks: the following link was the interview of WANIMAL by SIXTH TONE in 2016, worth to have a look and know more about him.

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