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by spidey
2 minutes read

As we always open our door, so we keep in touch with you guys even you’re not in HK right now.
This lady is a good example.
Maybe in western countries, most of them were swinger club or just like friend gathering,
Couple to couple, and without an “association” to manage it systematically.

So the result always make the joiner disappointed, just like what this lady said,“its not glamorous as it sounds”

And it was understandable, if everything is just run in a casual way but without a good management.
How fantastic will it be?.

So that’s why, in Hong Kong,we’ve experienced a lot, and we would like to do more.
To tailor made the suitable events for each ladies,couples and gentlemen.

However,We need COMMUNICATE and TRUST.

As we do protect our Member’s safety and privacy,we need some of your personal information

Many field is using “real name verification system”, so as to be a webcam model in Pornhub.

Maybe you think it is trouble and unnecessary, but to us, it is one of the best way to protect our existing member.

So just 2 advise to Travelers or Foreigners who living in Hong Kong,

1)if you don’t want to waste your expensive time in searching ladies or couples via internet blindly,

2)if you really want to experience the threesome,orgies, gang bang ,bdsm in LOCAL HONG KONG STYLE  

Please following our rules, and join us.

Remarks:Compare with others, we think we’re already user-friendly, as we don’t need you to provide a medical/blood report.
But sure we do have another simple way to check your hygiene.

Look forwards to see you guys in Hong Kong


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