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Why need documents?

by spidey
2 minutes read

One of the most frequent questions from interested joiners is that why we
are requesting a scan copy of passport or identity card before joining.

Well, the answer is very simple. It’s all because of security. We are all strangers to each other; how to make sure there will be no trouble makers joining us?

This reminds me of a case long ago.
Once there was a man approaching us in term of couples but just provided his own passport copy. At last we found out that his wife was actually unwilling to join and was forced by the husband to come. The incident teaches us to be cautious and strict when screening applicant.
So far, we still maintain a safe and private environment for our members making fun and joy. And that’s why we have such a high prestige among all.

Of course we do respect your privacy and understand your concern. After all, we will delete all your record within 7 days if there is no further action.

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